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Bringing More Green to Your Property

Superhero Contractors is here to take a stand. We advocate for going green with artificial turf! This secret weapon gives your home the beautiful aesthetic you’ve always wanted without compromising your environmental conscious or costing you big bucks on your water bill.

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Why You Need to Consider Switching to Natural Looking Turf:

  • Dramatically reduces outdoor water usage
  • You gain a lasting, beautiful lawn with minimal maintenance
  • Say goodbye to weeding, mowing the lawn, and all your other least favorite outdoor chores
  • No more reseeding or fertilizing expenses
  • Variety of looks, styles, and shades for the lawn of your dreams
  • Turf pays for itself over time compared to yearly expenses for real grass
  • Great for pets, especially dogs
  • Boosts home value and curb appeal
  • Say goodbye to any allergies related to grass, pollen, etc.

If you are ready to go green with a synthetic grass lawn, Superhero Contractors is just a phone call away. We can tackle the removal of old lawns (whatever is left of them!), assist with landscape design and ideas, and provide pristine turf installation.

Superhero Contractors is Ready to Put an End to the Dead Grass in Your Yard with Our New Durable Turf System That Looks and Feels Real!

Battling the Water Shortage in California.

Homes throughout Southern California face a challenge – the lack of regular rain and water restrictions make this region very arid and practically a desert. That means the iconic image of a white picket fence and green lawn are not very attainable, certainly not for a reasonable price tag.

This water shortage can do more than just crush your dream of a beautiful home – it can take away from curb appeal, home value, and wreak havoc on the environment. Countless gallons of water are used to drench lawns across Southern California, often barely bringing about a lasting green result.

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